Content and Shape

These courses  are flexible in the sense that you plan what you want to do, either on an individual or small group basis.   At the first meeting we decided what you want to do and plan a series of tutorials (or seminars if you want to come with others),  to cover the ground.  These are usually monthly for six months, though times can be varied to cope with holidays or other commitments  



You can communicate and discuss online between sessions.  Or, if travelling is difficult, the discussions can be done online or by phone.


Areas of Study

 I have most experience as a poet, having published three collections, and one due in 2010.  I have also done children's fiction,  and some short story writing.   

If you are a beginner you will probably need help with the basics of style and structure.   I can help you make the most of the natural talents you have, or simply to enjoy writing.

The areas of writing most often covered are,

writing about personal experience,

reasons for writing

short story structure,




preparing a manuscript for submission to a magazine or publisher




        Creative Writing


Individual or Small Group Seminars

Contact me

to discuss your individual interests



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