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In the last eight years I've taught in a number of sixth form colleges and colleges of further education in Hampshire.  I have done AS and A level English Literature, English language, English language and Literature,  Media Studies and (some) Politics.  I've also taken on some GCSE classes with pupils who have to catch up.

My experience as a professional poet and critic are useful, partly as 'street cred' and partly as they give me a particularly close knowledge of how imaginative literature is 'put together'   I also have a PhD in English language/stylistics, and have written textbooks which are used in Language and Literature courses.

There are two  key relations to understand in studying GCSE English language.

One is is what is sometimes called the 'linguistic framework', that is the way to describe words and meanings in a 'professional' way using clear terminology.

The second is to be able to see how the particular type of word or sentence in a text acts to produce a this or that kind of meaning or effect.




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