GCSE English


Essay writing in different styles                                                                                       Basics of punctuation (a very common area of weakness) and spelling, as well as advice on making the choice of words fit the kind of writing that's being asked for - argument, description, narrative,  explanation

Reading different kinds of text                                                                                         Help with close reading and making sure that what you answer is the question asked and not something very like it.  How to use quotations and explanation to present a point

Shakespeare Play                                                                                                           Individual 'reading along' can do a lot to help people for whom Shakespeare's language sounds unfamiliar.  After a while, this sense of strangeness does fade.  You also need to be aware of how the world Shakespeare lived in has to be born in mind.

Poetry from other Cultures                                                                                            Special POETRY HELP page (see button on the left) is designed to help the fair number of students who are unfamiliar with poetry and how to approach it.  Also, my experience of other cultures gives me a specialist insight into background, especially of African poetry


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