Creative Reading Handout (1)

I'd like us, this session, to read some or all of the following poems. We'll discuss other text you'd like to look at during the session


When you are old (W.B Yeats)

The Circus Animals' Desertion   (W. B. Yeats)

In Memory of W B Yeats (W H Auden)


For next session I was thinking of looking at Matthew Francis's long poem, Mandeville (Faber, 2008)

and at some point to look at Arthur Waley's Po Chu-i and Elizabeth Bishop's poem, The Fish


We also should spend some time thinking about

     how each of the poems relates to  us individually  

        why it matters

        how it can inform our own work


 Also think about interpreting and understanding through by

     writing pieces in the style of the poem,

       preparing a recording of the poem.


There are some of my comments on When you are Old  here